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  1. March 21, 2017

    Becoming a wine guide has been a wonderful experience. My husband and I tag team all the tastings we do. It's a great way for my husband and I to spend time together. We have been able to save a substantial amount of money which will we will use to purchase our first home. We are so thankful for Traveling Vineyard!

  2. March 20, 2017

    I was instantly curious about Traveling Vineyard from the first Facebook post I saw from my old friend and camp co-counselor, Kari Brubaker (yes, we do still know the words to all those silly camp songs). I had never considered direct sales, actually I kind of disliked the idea of direct sales, but this felt different. I mean, we were talking about wine! I honestly thought I would do this just as something fun to do here and there and get my 20% discount on my own orders. But to my surprise, this little business of mine has been moving and growing from the moment I signed on. It's so much more than a hobby! I work a Licensed Clinical Social Worker during the day and it's usually quite stressful and filled with feelings of burnout. Traveling Vineyard is my fun job. I have met so many amazing people along this adventure that have become my friends and continue to inspire me. I have felt successful in my work and been able to use all of those administrative skills I thought I had to give up when I stepped back in my career to focus on my family. I have also surprised myself with how much this has become a wonderful source of income for my family. We are paying down debt! How fantastic is that?! I can't wait to see what can be accomplished in the next year!

  3. March 19, 2017

    When I discovered that I was pregnant with my son, I started thinking about what I was going to do for work. I couldn't imagine continuing the job I had at the time ~ Although I had been working in the same field with the same people for over 14 years, I was traveling up & down the interstate, often away from home a week at a time. I did not want to put pressure on my husband as our only form of income and I knew I would function better as a stay-at-home-mom if I had something else that was “mine”, other than child-rearing and the regular household duties. I had worked retail in the past, but the point was finding something that wouldn't take too much time away from my family.

    Enter Traveling Vineyard! As I discussed options with my husband, months before our son was born, he mentioned different Direct Sales companies. “No way!” I thought. I am not a sales woman! I could never do THAT! There is already so much competition in the area with the DS companies I was familiar with (Pampered Chef, Rodan + Fields, Arbonne, Mary Kay, Thirty-One, Scentsy, Premier Jewelry...the list goes on). I started to convince myself that I was just going to have to suck it up and pick one. When I paid attention a bit more, I noticed that an old childhood friend, all the way in New Jersey, was doing Direct Sales and promoting her business via Facebook. What was she selling? Wine! WINE?! After discussing it more with my husband, I sent her a message requesting more information. I researched it online and talked it over with friends & family to gauge a level of interest. Five months later (with a 2-month old baby) we decided it was time to really dive in. I listened in on the “Taste of the Business” call one night, ironically led by the same childhood friend. I spoke to her on a separate phone call the same night, and completed my Wine Guide registration and payment for my Success Kit.
    I told myself, "If you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done!" I wanted freedom, my own schedule, and the opportunity to raise my son without paying someone else to do it. Having the additional opportunity for recognition of my hard work by earning raises and bonuses ~ that was just an added bonus! What I have gotten from Traveling Vineyard is so much more than anything a traditional job could offer.

    Here I am, 1 Year Later ~ I am now averaging 6-8 events per month, I have been recognized for my Personal Volume twice within my small team (We call ourselves “Grapes of Sass”), I have accomplished monthly challenges for 6 months straight (and counting). I have been recognized and awarded twice for my efforts, and was given the title “Queen of Sass” in our group for what I've been able to accomplish in Tennessee, which also brought additional goodies. I am making enough money to substantially help with the bills (think Car payment!) I get to play with our son and take care of household duties, allowing me the flexibility to spend more time with my husband when he's not working. Not to mention, my “work” is tasting award-winning wine! I couldn't have made a better decision!

  4. March 16, 2017

    Wine and I go way back!

    Hi, I’m Haley, and I’m all about the wine; you can talk about anything, and I’ll find a way to bring wine into it.

    Kids? Wine! Office? Happy hour! Health? Wine! Now you try it… :)

    On a more serious note, you know how people long to travel and satisfy a sense of wanderlust? My reason is wine! Like, I’d love to visit Australia -- not for the accent, or weather, or scenery -- for the Shiraz! If they have good wine, I’m there.

    It all started when I was literally looking for ways to share my love for wine with people -- I felt like there had to be an easier and fun way to do this. I invested a couple years in research, which I’d love to tell you about over a glass* of wine, and am happy to say I found my best fit with Traveling Vineyard!

    Customer experience? Check. Sommology? Check. That’s the cool factor of food and wine pairing, by the way. Price? Check! Wine tasting from the comfort of your home? Check!

    And an unprecedented check: I had the honor of introducing Traveling Vineyard to the Pacific Northwest. The closest contact I found was in North Dakota, and I took a leap to invest with the company and expand market presence in the Northwest.

    And now I get to share wine with you!

    * The size of glass is relative.

  5. March 16, 2017

    My life and Traveling Vineyard go hand and hand. Being a Wine Guide for 6 years has led me to form friendships with fellow Wine Guides, hosts and guests that I talk to on a daily basis. People in my life that I count on for support, encouragement, laughter and friendship. In addition to the friendships that I have formed, the income I receive from Traveling Vineyard has transformed the way my family and I live. We have went on several family vacations, including incredible Spring Break trips to Jamaica and Arizona. We have been able to purchase new vehicles, remodel our front entry way in our home and have a savings account that continues to grow. The financial stability has provided comfort to my husband and I since I was a stay at home mom for years, living on a single income. As an entrepreneur, my kids are witnessing daily how goal setting, hardwork and finding a job you love can lead you down the road of success and happiness. My life changed the day I became a Wine Guide and I can't wait to see where this wine soaked journey continues to take my family and I.

  6. March 14, 2017

    Happy Wineaversary to me! This past year has been a year of learning and growing. I never in a million years thought I would find myself involved in any way in a direct sales company - in ANY sales job for that matter. My "day job" is as a middle school guidance counselor; I have been enjoying part-time status for the past 14 years, which allowed me to be home at least part of the time with my 3 children when they were babies. Well, this past year, my "baby" went to kindergarten, and instead of working full-time as a counselor, Traveling Vineyard has allowed me to stay part-time and I can now supplement my income which is a huge help. The flexibility as a wine guide has been invaluable. I can still volunteer at my kids' school, I can be "Class Mom" and Girl Scout Troop leader. If I had gone back to work full-time these things - which are so important to me as a mom - would not be possible. The opportunity to join Traveling Vineyard came to me at just the right time. I have always loved wine. I love meeting new people and I feel that I connect with people very easily (which is why I love my "day job" as a school counselor as well!) I am able to use my personal strengths and passions as I grow as a wine guide and my goal is to continue to work toward leadership; I currently am a 2-star leader and so close to my next promotion. My local team is growing and I enjoy planning and leading team meetings, and encouraging my team to learn and grow as well. With my education background, I find myself hungry to learn more - as an entrepreneur, as a wine-lover, and as a leader. I am so thankful for the opportunities Traveling Vineyard has given me personally and professionally and I look forward to seeing where the next year takes me!

  7. March 11, 2017

    This "job" has changed my life! I am now more confident speaking in front of crowds. And i LOVE the new friends i am making!

  8. March 10, 2017

    When I first joined the Traveling Vineyard last March, I really only desired 2 of the 5 F’s: ”Flexibility” and “Financial Reward”. The “Fun” was a given since we’re talking about wine here, the “Fulfillment” was not a priority since I was a first-time mom who was MORE than fulfilled at home with a brand new baby girl, and the “Friendship” was probably last on my list, as I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t looking to make new friends.

    While the flexibility and financial aspects have been very rewarding and excellent reasons to join & grow with this company, I was very pleasantly surprised by the other factors that have proven to be equally as rewarding. In my short time with this wonderful company, I have met the most incredible people. Not only my fellow wine guides, but my amazing hosts and their guests who not only became loyal customers, but dear friends as well. Now I find myself closer with the people I’ve met in my wine journey than most of my childhood friends today.

    Thank you for allowing me to be a full-time mom to my daughter (with another on the way), and for giving me the flexibility I so desperately needed at this demanding time in my life. I am so happy to be part of this world that the Traveling Vineyard has created, and I look forward to many more years with this fun & innovative company!

  9. March 10, 2017

    I joined traveling vineyard 2 years ago today! I can remember it exactly. I was in search of a DS company that could help with some medical bills and get my mind off of some personal hardships. TTV came up in a google search in the top 10 best DS to work for. I had never heard of the company and really wasn't a "wine drinker" per-say, but my older sister was and I thought shoot this would be something fun to just get with her every now and then. So when I told her about it she was all in for hosting an event so I joined without a thought as to would this or would this not work. Money was tight but I thought hey most people like alcohol, and this may just work. This job has gotten me through a lot of tough times over the last few years, through my own sickness, to my husbands terminal illness. I was able to take care of what was most important, and not have the pressure of losing my job, because people still ordered and I could work when I had the strength to. My first full harvest year I set out to earn the incentive trip for me and my husband to give us something positive to strive for. Through prayer and giving my business over to God, He made it happen and I earned that trip! I love TTV and the family I have gained. I am supported loved and able to be who I am and show what matters most to me. I don't see me doing anything else, I am growing a team and rising in leadership. I am eager to make those next steps and to contribute to this company as they have contributed to me! This is the first time in my career where I haven't felt stuck. 2 years has flown by and most days it feels like I am just starting that initial excitment has yet to leave! So thank you for all of the support TTV and many opportunities that lie ahead!

  10. March 9, 2017

    Getting paid to drink wine? Where do I sign!?!?

    I've been in direct sales for several years and after the customer complaints or too much inventory I couldn't move, it got very tiring. When I found out about Traveling Vineyard, I was on my second direct sales company, hoping a praying it would be the perfect balance between having fun, earning a paycheck and getting this mother of three out of the house! But something felt off; I wasn't passionate about this particular product and I was hitting dead ends.

    Then, at a vendor event, I met a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide and my eyes widened with excitement! I can get PAID to sell wine? I can get PAID to learn about wine? I can get PAID to meet new people who ALSO love wine!? I can get PAID to DRINK wine!?!?!? My heart was beating a million miles a minute! So, after many late night Google searches and hundreds of questions emailed and texted to my amazing Wine Mama, I joined The Traveling Vineyard.

    When life gets too stressful, or the kids get sick and I have to play mommy-nurse, or when I feel like I've hit a rough patch, I love how flexible my wine business can be. I don't have a boss who nags me or guilts me about sales goals and when I have a fabulous tasting, my wine sisters are there to celebrate my successes! Never before have I felt so sure and confident that THIS is where I'm supposed to be. I may be a slow turtle, but turtles still when races.

    Thank you Traveling vineyard, for giving me this confidence and this amazing opportunity. This year has flown by and I cannot wait to see what's in store for us next!

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